At Float and Restore, we offer you the chance to experience deeper relaxation, with an invigorating full body massage. Performed by experts in massage, using gentle, rhythmic soothing techniques you can find yourself drifting off into a deep state of relaxation. Any strains, aches and stress levels you may be carrying seem to drift away as you are treated to a revitalising massage from head to toe.

You can benefit from a single relaxation massage which can greatly improve your daily routines. A large demographic that could benefit greatly from our relaxation massages is FIFO workers. Working away from home is a difficult, stressful and tiring experience for many FIFO workers. The constant air travel creates a great level of tiredness and fatigue in the body. As a result, FIFO workers regularly find themselves feeling drained and worn down. Office workers working long hours sitting at a computer can have similarly draining effect on the mind and body. Our massages offer the perfect way to unwind and relax after a stressful day at the office.

Massage Therapy Our relaxation massages are performed with gentle, soothing techniques on the whole body. This creates a deep sense of relaxation throughout mind and body, as muscles tension is released and general body fatigue is soothed. Our relaxing massages can make work life easier and more comfortable, as well as making the rest periods at home more enjoyable and relaxing.

Take your health and wellbeing seriously by eliminating toxins from your body, removing impurities and revitalise the body’s systems. Eliminating toxins is also known to help with a variety of symptoms.

Your nervous system is responsible for two main responses; voluntary conscious responses activated by muscles, and involuntary responses not under our control, such as breathing, sweating and digestion. Relaxation massages can improve your nervous system, helping the body to improve functionality whilst making home life and work life easier and more comfortable.

For the ultimate sense of relaxation, our massages can be paired with a float session with combination prices to save you on floating and massages. After a relaxing, revitalising and invigorating float session your body and mind is in the perfect state to embrace further relaxation with a full body massage. The combination of floating before a massage, may just leave you feeling like the most relaxed person on Earth.