Almost all the benefits of floating will last for several days past the floatation session itself. The longer and the more often you float, the stronger the effects will be. This creates a positive spiral for recovery giving you a path towards a fuller, more energetic and stress free life. The information below was taken from over 200 research articles containing both experiments and case studies, published between the 1960s and the present.


Sports injuries have been shown to heal twice as fast through the floating experience, enabling you to return to your sport quicker and in better physical condition. Many injuries result from stress and tension on the body during the moment of injury, floating helps us stay relaxed and maintain our fitness levels which can help to prevent further injuries.


Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings taken in relation to sensory deprivation show an increased synchronicity of brainwave frequencies across our left and right hemisphere. This indicates a level of mental efficiency, health and clarity that is still being studied by scientists today.


It is estimated that Perth has over 250,000 people employed in the mining industry. Of these, some 35% are engaged on a FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) basis.

Working significantly longer hours, in high pressure situations and tough environments, FIFO workers more than most are susceptible to high levels of stress and fatigue. Float at the beginning of your RNR and let the Magnesium Sulphate release endorphins throughout your body, creating that happy, relaxed feeling as all the tension is released.


Many people have trouble sleeping because they struggle downshifting their Alpha waves into Theta waves that act as a gateway to sleep. Floating naturally allows your brainwaves to drop into this theta state. Many centres report people have a much improved sleep after the floating experience.


Floating can relieve a cramped body after flying. It can also reset your sleep cycle and improve normal energy levels, relieving the body from the effects of jet lag.


Is the 4th most abundant element found in the earth. We need it in our bodies and with less nutrients in our foods due to mineral deficient soils, more people are turning to magnesium supplements.

We use Magnesium for:
  • Prevention of Asthma, Diabetes, Heart attacks, Osteoporosis, and Strokes
  • Lessen migraine symptoms and premenstrual syndrome
  • Regulate over 300 Enzymes and facilitate calcium absorption

Floating rejuvenates the body, replenishing you with balanced levels of magnesium as you absorb it naturally from the mineral salt rich water.


Arthritis pain can be reduced along with Fibromyalgia. Studies have shown decreases in pain, from the beginning of the float session to the end and through to the next time a person floats.


Our bodies use periods of Theta and Delta waves as a time of consolidation and strengthening of neural synapses. As we acquire memories and knowledge throughout the day, this is our body’s time to solidify it. Memorisation is an important and useful asset we possess, this is greatly enhanced in the float pod, which enables us to utilise memorisation in our daily lives.


A huge benefit from floating is the enhancements it can have on our day to day life, and improved wellbeing in both mind and body.


We use a lot of our mental and physical energy counteracting the force of gravity on a moment to moment basis. The environment in the float pod allows around 80% of the gravity we usually feel to no longer affect our body. This in turn lets our body use its efforts to completely rest and recuperate. The body can decompress throughout the joints and the spinal column. We can experience back and neck pain relief, spinal alignment and physical rehabilitation.


Floating is a place of natural introspection that pairs perfectly with the therapeutic process.


Many centres have said pregnant woman are greatly satisfied float customers. By flipping on to the stomach all the weight from baby is removed from the mother, which in turn significantly relieves the strains and aches on the body. As any mother would tell you, this is a welcomed relief in the later months of pregnancy.


Your hair and skin will love you from soaking in over 500kg of Epsom salts. Epsom salts are a completely different compound to table salt. It will not dehydrate your skin which means that, even if you float for long periods of time, you won’t come out looking like a prune, as your skin does not absorb it the same way as it does water. Epsom salts are especially important in helping our body’s process sulphates well. Besides the natural relaxing effect we use both Magnesium and Sulphates for hundreds of uses throughout the body.


Sensory deprivation has had a huge success rate in helping people quit smoking.


When floating, the body is in a state of relaxation and rest, allowing us to build up our defences thus giving us a boost of immunity.


Research is showing more and more ailments we suffer are closely related to stress. Float pods are possibly the most relaxing environment we can put our bodies in. Stress relief is almost instant upon entering a float tank and the more you float the more you gain. Consistent floating can help with: burn out syndrome, coronary heart disease, depression, fertility issues, high blood pressure, migraine or tension headaches, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.


Made up of diluted sulphuric acid, it is used within the body for numerous things including balancing our hormones. Floating restores the body with sufficient levels of sulphates, which can help with Autism, brain tissue formation, joint protein formation and detoxification.


Floating allows the activation of our rest and digestive system, which can assist in activating the metabolism. Pairing the experience of floating with a healthy and active lifestyle, people overweight can discover greater levels of weight loss.