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Health is not just the absence of disease, it is a complete state of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. At Float and Restore's Wellness Hub, we do not look at one without the other. For us to achieve optimal health, many elements need to be addressed, far beyond the realms of standard, clinical analysis. We aim to nurture each component and in doing so, help you to achieve a greater sense of all round health and happiness.


The key to good health is in your mind. A fit mind approaches new challenges with a level of confidence and positivity unobtainable to an unhealthy counterpart. By understanding the part our mental wellbeing plays, we are more able to affect changes that lead to a healthier life.


Exercise helps you to burn fat, gain strength, keep fit and most importantly keeps you feeling alive, youthful and confident. Just as importantly, the recovery component of any training is essential in maintaining these positive benefits and inadequate recovery habits can lead to long term joint and muscle injuries. At Float and Restore we offer services that allow you to maintain a healthy body in more passive, fun ways whilst also allowing you to ease out those built up aches and pains and increase your flexibility.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga Aerial Hanging Anti Gravity

Aerial Yoga is a modern style of yoga that incorporates a low-hanging soft fabric hammock to explore alignment, release chronic tension, hang around upside down, and have fun! It’s appropriate for anyone including beginners with no yoga experience. For experienced yogis, aerial yoga will add a new dimension to complement your existing practice on the ground. For those with little or no yoga experience, aerial yoga is a great place to start. We run different classes for different levels. Some are more yoga inspired focusing on flexibility and deep relaxation, whilst others emphasise fitness and involve decompression, supported inversions, core and upper body strengthening. Most importantly however, they are all FUN!

1 Hour Group Sessions - $30


Mediation Wangara

Meditation brings the body into a state of rest, relaxation and awareness on a deeper level, while reducing stress and slowing the ageing process. Meditation brings the brainwave pattern into an Alpha state that promotes healing and enhances creativity. The tranquil Float and Restore Wellness Hub fosters the perfect atmosphere to help reach the physical, mental and emotional layers of the body.

1 Hour Group Sessions - $15

Life Coaching

Life Coaching Mental Wellness

Want to learn more about your emotions, relationships, thoughts and anxiety? Life Coaching will help you to build upon your life and your emotional intelligence in a practical way. Whether you are looking for motivation and direction or a mindset shift, our Life Coach will tailor a plan, working through practical exercises to move you forward in any part of your life.

2 Hour Group Sessions - $50

1 Hour Private Sessions - $200


Nutrition Body Health

Want that perfect blend of health, vitality and enjoyment? By integrating simple and tailored nutritional advice into your daily routines, Float and Restore’s passionate experts endeavour to uncover the right mind-body balance for you. Come and try it for yourself in one of our relaxed group classes or, for a more private approach, have a chat 1-1.

1 Hour Group Sessions - $25

Initial 30 minute Private Consultation - $80

Follow Up 30 minute Private Consultaions - $65


Fitness Strength Work Out

The health benefits of fitness are hard to ignore. 8 million Australian adults already engage in up to 1 hour of physical exercise per day. Do you? Our range of group and 1-1 classes will help develop a stronger, fitter and more confident you. All age and fitness levels welcome as your workout is aligned with your capabilities guaranteeing excellent performance in a comfortable environment.

1 Hour Group Sessions - $20

1 Hour Private Sessions - $80

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